A small business means a business that has limited capital and a limited overall budget. An overall budget includes funds for procurement, marketing and for various other departments. No matter what the size of a business is, marketing remains an integral part of its budget. Marketing not only helps in increasing customer base and improve sales but also images the company as an active and vibrant organization.

Best Small Business Marketing Tips for 2016

With a small marketing budget, businesses need to search for marketing ideas that are efficient, innovative and also in line with the capital at its disposal. The following are top three small business marketing tips for 2016.

1.ONLINE MARKETING – The term online marketing has a vast meaning. It ranges from a blog to a social media page. Recently businesses have started to focus on starting its own blogs or social media pages for its customers. The entire idea is to keep the company’s name and its brands in the mind of customers. Online marketing is a great strategy adopted by many businesses these days as the reach is widespread and the cost is very low. At most, the company would need to hire an individual or ask any of its existing employees update its blog or social media page every day.

Another important thing to note about online marketing is that the daily posts do not always have to be about the business or its brands. It can be anything in general as well, the idea is not to overload the viewers with monotonous content but to have the customers see the company’s name every day.

2.OPTIMIZING MOBILE USAGE – Mobiles have revolutionized the world and everything in it. From people to entities, almost everyone using it. The vital thing is that with every passing year, people are spending more and more time on it. When the usage of mobile is so much then companies need to give special consideration to optimizing their content for mobile. This means that businesses especially small businesses need to know as to how their content looks on a mobile. Is their website, their social media page, their emails and their marketing campaign compatible with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. For most people in the world, mobile or tablet is their only source of internet, therefore, being up to the mark on smartphones or tablets can work wonders for the company.

3. GET REVIEWS – Small businesses can pay a nominal amount of money and get positive reviews for themselves or their brands. The nominal amount can be in a shape of cash, which is paid on content writing websites to writers that in turn write positive reviews on social media pages or online stores. The other way of attracting positive reviews is by distributing free gifts to those that write positively about the company and its brands. Either way, the cost is small and the benefits are ever-lasting. A positive review can go a long way in shaping the company and its future. Everyone that reads a positive review is most likely to refer the subject to others. This way the company not only benefits from the reviews and the impact it has on the public but also from word of mouth.